815.00/4189: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Guatemala (Geissler)


32. Because of reported increasing probabilities of revolutionary movements against the Government of Honduras sponsored by Liberal leaders, among whom General Ferrera is prominently mentioned, you should again1 call informally to the attention of the Government [Page 71]of Guatemala the fact that there are frequent and continuing rumors of subversive activity on the part of General Ferrera. This Government realizes that the Government of Guatemala is fully aware of its responsibility arising from the acts of General Ferrera or others while on Guatemalan soil aimed against the Government of Honduras. You should, nevertheless, discreetly invite the attention of the Government of Guatemala to the fact that alleged ignorance of General Ferrera’s presence in Guatemala or the presence therein of other revolutionary leaders would not relieve the Government of Guatemala of the responsibility for subversive acts committed by these persons while in Guatemalan territory, and that if the Government of Guatemala should see fit to act against such persons, this would undoubtedly be generally welcomed as indicating that the Government of Guatemala sincerely desires to carry out its obligations under the Central American treaties.

You should particularly impress upon the Government of Guatemala the friendly and profound interest which the United States has in peace and stability in Central America, out of which interest these suggestions arise. At this time this interest is especially keen with reference to those regions where, because of their proximity to Nicaragua, revolutionary disturbances might tend to interfere with the friendly action of the Government of the United States in assisting Nicaragua to hold free and fair elections this year.2

  1. In despatches Nos. 1728, Dec. 9, 1927, and 1730, Dec. 12, 1927, the Minister in Guatemala had reported conversations with Guatemalan officials regarding the activities of General Ferrera; despatches not printed.
  2. See pp. 418 ff.