The Minister in Rumania (Culbertson) to the Secretary of State

My Dear Mr. Secretary: When I received your personal letter of December 29 concerning the anti-Jewish riots in Rumania, Mr. Titulescu had already left for his protracted stay abroad. He has not yet returned. However, my relations with Mr. Duca, acting Secretary for Foreign Affairs, are no less personal and frank than are my relations with Mr. Titulescu and I have therefore conveyed to him the substance of your letter. Mr. Duca is also Minister of Interior, and in this capacity is directly responsible for the internal peace and order of the country. He received my communication with good grace and said that he and his government were more anxious than anyone else to see the students punished for the riots at Oradea Mare and Cluj and to avoid such disorders in the future. He offered to send me a memorandum giving the number of students who had been punished or expelled from the university as a result of the action taken by his government. In the spirit of your letter I have also spoken to several other prominent leaders, including the Prime Minister, Mr. Vintila Bratiano, concerning the bad impression the anti-Semitic riots have made in America. I believe that these informal conversations have done a very substantial amount of good. You have shown your usual wisdom and diplomacy in this matter; the procedure which you indicated in your letter has not offended in any way, and it has accomplished more, I am sure, with this highly sensitive people than a formal protest could have done.

With personal regards [etc.]

W. S. Culbertson