811.7482/13: Telegram

The Minister in Liberia (Francis) to the Secretary of State

53. The Department’s number 53, December 3, 3 p.m. Liberian Government’s position as follows:

Concedes right internal communication but:
Transatlantic short wave neither known nor contemplated by parties when agreement signed;
Government’s experiments having proved successful see no reason why Firestone should reap benefits;
Why if regarded as rights under the concession did Firestone Junior year ago verbally sound out Barclay re operation trans-Atlantic station and local counsel in present issue first sound out Cabinet for permit? Government adamant in this position but probably receptive to special rate agreement, more economical for Firestone than erection station.
Foreign application for Liberian concessions now pending, present time inopportune to force issue. Insistence will seriously antagonize public opinion. Amicable adjustment through good offices Legation will be made difficult by failure Firestone fulfill promises to Liberian Government. See unofficial note Macy34 to Castle,35 October 10th.36

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Until certain Department understands peculiar situation reluctant proceed tender good offices. Please instruct.

  1. Clarence E. Macy, vice consul and third secretary at Monrovia, Apr. 18, 1927, to Nov. 17, 1927.
  2. William R. Castle, Jr., Assistant Secretary of State.
  3. Note not found in Department files.