811.0141 Sw 2/109

The Cuban Ambassador (Ferrara) to the Secretary of State


Excellency: The cyclonic disturbances which generally occur around Swan Island, with effects which are felt in Cuba, constitute a serious danger to navigation in those regions, where the lack of radio-electric communications renders difficult the protection of shipping and human life.

My Government desires to know whether that of Your Excellency would be inclined to grant permission for a Cuban concern, to be determined hereafter, temporarily to establish a radiotelegraphic station at Swan Island at its own expense as regards installation and maintenance, until the United States may decide to establish one there and as long as the United States may have no objection to its operation.

This would largely improve the conditions of navigation referred to above, and the safeguarding of human life would be made much more effective.

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I venture to ask Your Excellency kindly to advise me, after the subject has been studied, of the decision which may be arrived at, so that I may transmit it to my Government.

I avail myself [etc.]

Orestes Ferrara