811.0141 Sw 2/112

The Secretary of State to the Cuban Chargé (Rodriguez)

Sir: Referring to your Embassy’s note of June 4, 1928, and to this Department’s reply of June 25, 1928,29 with regard to the proposed establishment of a meteorological station at Swan Island, I am pleased to inform you that definite arrangements have now been completed whereby meteorological reports are being received from Swan Island and will continue to be received until October 30, 1928. It is understood that this period includes the principal season of cyclonic disturbances in that region during this year.

The Chief of the Weather Bureau of the United States Government has already advised the director of the meteorological service of Cuba that reports are again being received from Swan Island and that these reports will be made available to his Department.

The possibility of permanently establishing the meteorological station at Swan Island during 1929 is now being taken up with the appropriate Departments of this Government, and I shall be pleased to inform you as soon as there may be further information available in the premises.

Accept [etc.]

For the Secretary of State:
W. R. Castle, Jr.
  1. Latter not printed.