821.6363 Barco/105: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in Colombia (Piles)


33. The Department has been shown Mr. Stabler’s telegram No. 28, June 29, and the company’s telegram No. 14, June 30,11 in reply. The Department wishes you to obtain an interview with the President at which Mr. Stabler may be present, and tell the President that the Department has learned with regret of the position taken by the Minister of Industries in this matter. When the Government of Colombia invited Mr. Stabler to go to Bogotá the Department had hoped that it was disposed seriously to discuss a settlement of the matter with him. The Department is exceedingly disappointed that now, two months after the arrival of Mr. Stabler in Bogotá, no progress apparently has been made toward a settlement. Mr. Stabler’s principals [Page 616] have advised the Department that Mr. Stabler will probably be obliged to leave Bogotá in a few days. The Department very much hopes that the matter can be arranged before his departure because the Department would much prefer that an agreement be reached by direct negotiations between the Colombian officials and Mr. Stabler rather than through diplomatic negotiations which will be necessary if the matter is not settled before Mr. Stabler’s departure. The Department considers that the resolution cancelling the concession is not justified and that the proper course for the Government of Colombia would be to rescind the degree, and that pending such action proposals for modifying the concession are untimely.

  1. Transmitted in letter of June 30, 1928, from Wm. T. Wallace, 21 State Street, New York, to Assistant Secretary of State White; not printed. (821.6363 Barco/103.)