821.6363 Barco/106: Telegram

The Minister in Colombia (Piles) to the Secretary of State


54. This afternoon I showed the President a paraphrase of the Department’s 33, July 3, 3 p.m. The President said that the matter was one which had been inherited from a previous administration, was exceedingly complicated, and required much time for study; that if the Government of the United States felt it was a fit subject for diplomatic representations, to proceed to make them, but that he himself felt that the Government of the United States had no cause for complaint, and that while there was still recourse to the Supreme Court, he could see no basis for diplomatic intervention. I replied that I much preferred to see the matter settled through direct negotiations with Mr. Stabler, and I asked if and when such a settlement could be reached. The President replied … reiterating the necessity for careful study, and said that a simple rescission of the caducity decree alone was impractical. The President promised to call the Minister of Industry tomorrow and inquire regarding the status of the negotiations.

Mr. Stabler is cabling his principals that three days ago he requested an interview with the President through me in accordance with the latter’s suggestion if an impasse was reached with the Minister of Industry, but up to now he has received no appointment, and he plans to depart next week unless some progress is made.