821.6363/411: Telegram

The Minister in Colombia (Piles) to the Secretary of State


53. In view of the Minister of Industry’s delay in proceeding with the Barco matter I took Mr. Stabler, at his request, to see the President on June 29. The President stated that he had instructed the Minister of Industry to proceed actively with conferences with Mr. Stabler, and that if no agreement was reached, he would then attempt to find a solution and call them together for a talk with him personally. On the afternoon of June 28 the Minister of Industry saw Mr. Stabler and presented a proposal which was telegraphed to New York involving no revocation of caducity decree and including submission of a new contract to Congress. The company categorically rejected the proposal as impossible. I understand that copies of these telegrams have been furnished the Department. Because of this situation … I feel that a further word to the President from the Department indicating its desire to have a settlement reached while Mr. Stabler is here would be of material assistance.