The Special Representative of the Chinese Nationalist Government (C. C. Wu) to the Secretary of State

Sir: The treaties and agreements forming at present the basis of the relations between China and the United States are admittedly anachronistic, incompatible with China’s status as a sovereign state, and ill fitted to promote the best relations between the two countries. The Chinese people are unanimous in demanding that forthwith these shackles to their development as a modern state shall be removed and relations between China and foreign states shall be placed on a basis best calculated to foster international friendship and good-will.

The Nationalist Government of the Republic of China which represents, and has always represented, the Chinese people, particularly since the elimination of the administration in the former capital of China, feels it to be its imperative duty to take immediate steps to give effect to that demand. In view of the traditional friendship between the United States and China, and your statement of January 26 [27], 1927, it is the hope and expectation of the Nationalist Government that the Government of the United States will be prepared at once to enter into negotiations with it for a new treaty between the two countries on a footing of equality and reciprocity.

Under instructions from my Government, I have the honor to inform you that the Nationalist Government has decided to appoint plenipotentiary delegates for the purpose of such negotiations, and to request that the Government of the United States will likewise appoint delegates for the same purpose.

Accept [etc.]

Chao-chu Wu