The Chinese Legation to the Department of State17

Declaration made on July 7, 1928, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Nationalist Government of the Republic of China on the conclusion of new treaties.

The Nationalist Government, with a view to adapting themselves to the present day circumstances, and with the object of promoting the welfare of China and the friendly relations between China and different countries, have always considered the abrogation of the unequal treaties and conclusion of new treaties on the basis of equality and mutual respect for territorial sovereignty as the most pressing problem at the present time. These aims have been embodied in declarations repeatedly made by the Nationalist Government.

Now that the unification of China is an accomplished fact, it is the task of the Nationalist Government to use every effort to fully realize these aims. While they will continue to afford protection to foreign lives and properties in China, according to laws, the Nationalist Government hereby make the following specific declaration with regard to the unequal treaties:

  • First. All the unequal treaties between the Republic of China and other countries, which have already expired, shall be ipso facto abrogated, and new treaties shall be concluded.
  • Second. The Nationalist Government will immediately take steps to terminate, in accordance with proper procedure, those unequal treaties which have not yet expired, and conclude new treaties.
  • Third. In the case of old treaties which have already expired, but which have not yet been replaced by new treaties, the Nationalist Government will promulgate appropriate interim regulations to meet the exigency of such situation.

  1. This memorandum, left at the Department on July 13 by the Chinese Minister, purports to be the text of a telegram to the Chinese Minister from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Nanking.