793.00/202: Telegram

The Minister in China (MacMurray) to the Secretary of State

471. Reuters, Shanghai, June 16th, states that the Nationalist Government has issued the following declaration:

“Now that unification of China is being accomplished, the Nationalist Government of the Republic of China has the honor to make to the friendly nations of the world the following declaration.

The revolution led by Nationalist Government has as its primary object the building up of a new state. As the military period of the revolution is closing, the Nationalist Government is now engaged in the work of rehabilitation and reconstruction so that the new state may soon be realized.

What we mean by the new state is putting into effect the ‘Three Principles’ laid down by our late chief, Dr. Sun Yat-sen, so that we may gain for our people the blessing of liberty and freedom, and for China’s [China] international peace on a basis of equality.

We will naturally discard any militaristic form of government which has been the practice of the past and we will not tolerate any person aiming at the [destruction?] of modern social institutions, such as the Communists.

To realize its hope of a new state the Nationalist Government must put its international relations on a new basis. For 80 years China has been under the shackles of unequal treaties. These restrictions are a contravention of the principle in international law, of mutual respect and sovereignty and are not allowed by any sovereign state. Hence China has asked in various declarations for a sympathetic understanding by friendly nations. We are pleased to note that since the latter part of 1926 the spokesmen of the foreign powers have expressed their willingness to negotiate new equal treaties.

Now that the unification of China is being consummated we think the time is ripe for taking further steps and begin at once to negotiate—in accordance with diplomatic procedure—new treaties [Page 414] on a basis of complete equality and mutual respect for each other’s sovereignty.

The Nationalist Government firmly believes that when this is accomplished the friendly relations between China and the other powers and good will among the people and China’s international trade and other facilities for transportation will ever increase, and even better protection will be afforded the lives and property of foreigners in China.

The Nationalist Government wishes to make to the friendly powers a further declaration that it will not disregard nor has it disregarded, any international responsibility in consequence of agreements and understandings properly and legally concluded on a basis of equality.

When the treaty restrictions are removed the mutual assistance, morally as well as materially, that may be rendered between China and other powers will no doubt enhance the progress of civilization of the world.

With profound sincerity the Nationalist Government, in the name of the people of all China, makes the foregoing declaration to the whole world and hopes that all friendly nations will accord their fullest sympathetic understanding to its program of a new state as a step toward the attainment of [the] ideal [of] mutual help for the glory of mankind and for the permanent peace of the world.”

Reuters also reports that Dr. C. T. Wang in his assumption of office as Foreign Minister made the following statement:

“We now stand on the threshold of a new China. The vast energy which the whole nation has devoted in the achievement of the great object of battering down the opposition of the true spirit of democracy can now be released for constructive work and for making China a better China to live in for all, and for the generation[s] coming after. China is being unified and wars are now over. On the ruins of the military operations the Nationalist Republic of China must begin at once its program of rehabilitation and reconstruction, aiming at the realization of the declared purpose of the revolution to the fullest extent: to give the people a better livelihood. Simultaneously it should direct its energy towards bringing about equality among nations.

In cooperation of [with] all other nations, China will contribute her share towards the promotion of world peace.

At this juncture of China’s rebirth the Government has honored me with the portfolio of Foreign Affairs, involving great responsibility. I solemnly declare that I will do my utmost to carry into effect in letter and spirit diplomatic policy embodied in the declaration of the Nationalist Government, to the end that China may be freed from treaty restrictions and that China’s international relations may become more and more friendly.

A weak country invites external encroachment, so our fundamental policy should be internal improvement. With the cessation of fighting, we, one and all, should devote our energy to the improvement [Page 415] and reorganization of our industries and the spreading of education among our people. May China progress with the rest of the world in prosperity and happiness. It is to be hoped that the friendly nations will accord to China sympathetic assistance in her efforts to realize her aspirations by first freeing her from treaty restrictions and secondly by giving her material aid. A strong and well-ordered China will mean peace and happiness to the world.”

  1. Telegram in six sections.