711.672/532: Telegram

The High Commissioner in Turkey (Bristol) to the Secretary of State

111. Shukri Kaya Bey, president of the Foreign Relations Committee, has made the following declaration to the representative of the Anatolian News Agency:

“The Foreign Relations Committee commenced the examination of the treaty concluded at Lausanne between Turkey and the United States. The statements made and information given by the Foreign Minister has made a favorable impression on the committee. As a matter of fact this treaty simply confirms within the principles in force in the civilized world the relations actually existing today in conformity with international agreement between the United States, on one hand, which is one of the great democracies of the world and which displays partisanship for peace and security and the Turkish Republic, on the other hand, which successfully follows the aim of becoming a factor for peace and order in the East.

I believe that the immediate ratification of this treaty is to our benefit as well as that of the United States and that our committee will, without delay, approve and present this treaty to the Assembly.”