711.672/458a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the High Commissioner in Turkey (Bristol)


31. Although Senator Borah does not feel certain he can secure ratification, nevertheless he is anxious to have the treaty brought up in the Senate and a vote taken before that body adjourns early in June. In considering the various possibilities involved in the treaty situation, the Department believes it would be very helpful to have your views on the subject. Please telegraph promptly your views on the following points:

The effect upon American interests in Turkey and upon the Turkish Government of (a) failure to ratify treaty within the next six weeks and (b) postponement of action on the treaty until next December when Congress reconvenes.
The possibility of renewing the modus vivendi now in force, and, if desirable, of extending its scope.5
The effect of the recent signs of a Greek-Italian rapprochement upon official circles at Angora. Is this effect of such a nature that if the treaty is rejected or further postponed Turkey will hesitate to take an intransigent attitude toward American interests? Is there likely to be a continuation of this effect?
Any additional aspects of the present situation in Turkey, whether domestic or international, which might affect American-Turkish relations were the treaty to be rejected or further postponed.

  1. See notes exchanged February 18, 1926, pp. 9991000.