711.672/413a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the High Commissioner in Turkey (Bristol)

18. Injunction of secrecy on Treaty of General Relations with Turkey was removed on motion of Senator Borah and full text of this Treaty, Turkish letters and declarations and minutes of the meeting of August 6, 1923 were published in Congressional Record of March 25th.3 Proposed resolution of ratification contains the following reservations:

  • “First, that there shall be added to Article III of said Treaty the following: ‘Nothing herein contained shall be construed to affect existing statutes of either country in relation to the immigration of aliens or the right of either country to enact such statutes.’
  • Second, that the second paragraph of Article IX and Article XIV shall remain in force for twelve months from the date of exchange of ratifications, and if not then terminated on ninety days’ previous notice shall remain in force until Legislation inconsistent therewith shall be enacted by either of the High Contracting Parties when the same shall automatically lapse at the end of sixty days from such enactment, and on such lapse each High Contracting Party shall enjoy all the rights which it would have possessed had such paragraph or article not been embraced in the treaty.”

These reservations are similar to those attached to the German Commercial Treaty,4 see Treaty Series 725.

It seems likely that the Turkish Treaty will be taken up by the Senate shortly.

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