The Minister in Rumania ( Culbertson ) to the Secretary of State

No. 171

Sir: Referring to my despatch No. 138, dated February 18, 1926, relating to the bill of law affecting embatic lands, I have the honor to report that in the closing days of parliament this bill of law was enacted without debate and without notice of any kind to this Legation or to the parties interested. The text transmitted with the above-mentioned despatch is a true translation of the Rumanian text which was published in the Official Monitor of April 1, 1926, and enclosed herewith.5

On several occasions the Minister for Foreign Affairs had given me his oral assurance that the law would be modified in a way satisfactory to American interests and I am advised by Mr. Hughes, the Managing Director of the Romano-Americana Company, that similar assurances were given to him by responsible parties in the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.

On account of the change of government I have made no further representations to the Rumanian Government. I have talked the matter over at length with Mr. Hughes and he advises me that conferences with members of the new government reveal a possibility that this law may be interpreted in such a way as not to affect existing contracts. It was his judgment that for the time being further representations should not be made to the new Rumanian government but that an opportunity be given it to establish an interpretation of the law which will recognize existing rights.

I have [etc.]

W. S. Culbertson
  1. Not printed.