871.63/32: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Rumania ( Culbertson )


6. Legation’s despatch No. 108, dated January 9. The Department approves your action in informing the Foreign Minister that the proposed legislation regarding subsoil rights in embatic lands would, if enacted into law, seemingly destroy vested subsoil rights lawfully acquired by American interests.

You may supplement your representations with a statement that the Government of the United States would view with concern any action by the Rumanian authorities which would prejudice American interests in subsoil rights acquired in accordance with the laws of Rumania and in good faith.

[Page 904]

It is suggested that you forward to the Department a translation of the proposed law regarding embatic lands together with a full report as to the status of the pending legislation; also, a translation of the decision of the Rumanian Supreme Court to the effect that the holder of embatic lands is the owner of the subsoil rights in the land.