853.51/341: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Portugal (Dearing)


12. Portuguese note of February 20 goes far to meet wishes of this Government but it desires further understandings before it can feel completely satisfied.

The Government of the United States assumes that all American bona fide holders of bonds will be paid in full, regardless of whether their bonds are stamped, upon presentation to bankers of the bonds accompanied by reasonable evidence of character of their ownership.
Certain of the tobacco bonds held by Americans have been drawn since publication of decree 9761. The Government of the United States understands that such bonds will be paid in full, with interest, up to date on which they were drawn.
As the 1891 issue of bonds will in any case mature April 1, the Government of the United States feels that in justice to American holders of bonds announcement of redemption of the bonds should [Page 895] be made prior to that date, and this Government would appreciate being informed at earliest possible moment exact date on which announcement will be made.

If the Portuguese Government promptly assures you in a satisfactory manner on above points, you will then be authorized to withdraw this Government’s note of September 21, 1925. Cable your report.