The Estonian Chargé (Mutt) to the Secretary of State

Sir: In reply to your note of August 21, 1926 in regard to the question of the mutual recognition of ship measurement certificates between the United States and Estonia, I have the honor to inform you in the name of my Government, that the concerned authorities of Estonia have found, that in substance there are no hindrances for the recognition, without remeasurement, of tonnage of ships of the United States in Estonian ports, as noted in the Certificate of Registry issued by the authorities of the United States or other national papers. In view of this the Government of Estonia has decided, on reciprocal basis, to recognize the tonnage of ships of the United States as stated herein-before.

At the same time I have the honor to inform you that this agreement, the attainment of which I hereby confirm, will become operative in Estonia ten days after the due publication of the Estonian Government’s decision,3 whereby this agreement will be ratified.

Accept [etc.]

V. Mutt
  1. Decision of the Estonian Government published in the State Gazette, Feb. 3, 1927. The agreement became operative in Estonia Feb. 13, 1927, and in the United States of America by order of the Department of Commerce on Apr. 2, 1927. (File No. 860i.855/6, 7.)