817.00/3779: Telegram

The Chargé in Nicaragua ( Dennis ) to the Secretary of State

130. At 3 p.m. today General Chamorro handed me a signed letter of which the following is a translation:

“Managua, September 10. Chargé d’ Affaires of the United States. Sir: Inasmuch as the people [peace] of the Republic is disturbed by revolutionary elements who have found a propitious occasion for their plans because of the international difficulties of my Government, which has not been recognized by the Governments of the United States and of Central America, I desire to make an effort on behalf of national tranquillity, establishing it, if possible, in a definite manner upon a policy of concord, which most [moreover] has always figured in the program of the Conservative Party.

Since my Government, both in the campaign carried on to dominate the emergency of last May as in that of the present, has demonstrated its ability to make prevail the principles of the Conservative Party with the unquestionable prestige of that group in which it has supported and supports my Government, I believe the moment has arrived to manifest once more our harmonizing spirit and a benevolent inclination to use gentler methods in order to realize our administrative policies.

To this end and with such intentions I apply to you, [accepting] the good offices of the Legation in your [worthy] charge, in order to see whether the ideals my Government cherishes may be put in operation in an honorable way which will mollify the situation of our opponents, thereby laying the basis of the partly [peaceful] living together of the two historic parties of the country.

In the way of realizing this you may count on my acquiescence for the holding of conferences between the representatives of both historic parties and of the Government in order to discuss and elaborate a plan of conciliation on the substantial basis of my withdrawal from power through the resignation [deposit?] of the Presidency in a member of the Conservative Party whom the National Assembly [Congress] may elect in order that he may carry on a Conservative administration with all the amplitude which may spring from the said conferences which surely will be within the broad views of our party.

It is my desire that the greatest success crown your mediation and the conversations which may result therefrom, but in case of [for] lack of agreement or any other unfortunate accident, these intentions of harmony fail, being convinced, as I am, that the international [situation?] is a considerable part of the causes of our intranquillity, I now hasten to declare through you to the American Department of State my intention of withdrawing from the Presidency, resigning it in favor of the Conservative whom the National Congress may elect as soon as peace be established in Nicaragua.

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I believe that this declaration on my part will be sufficient for the Department of State to consider in a friendly manner our position and aid us in removing all the external conditions which have been propitious up to the present to the elements of discord which seriously [perturb] the life of our Republic. [With the assurances] et cetera. Emiliano Chamorro.”

I await instructions as to reply. Fighting Bluefields. The Government is without funds unless taken from bank. Anarchy threatening. Prompt peace impossible without good offices of the United States.