817.00/3739: Telegram

The Chargé in Nicaragua (Dennis) to the Secretary of State

116. Department’s telegram 63.15 Last night I read the Secretary’s statement to Chamorro who was visibly moved thereby but replied he had made up his mind to maintain his position against all Nicaraguans but would welcome intervention by American forces to whom he would cheerfully turn over government. I stated we did not wish solution along these lines but as indicated in Secretary’s statement and expected him patriotically to avert further useless bloodshed. He expressed confidence that he would ultimately triumph over his opponents and determination to fight to the end.

An hour later I discussed communication with Adolf o Diaz16 who is in constant conference with Chamorro. Former said he felt sure Conservatives would now succeed in peacefully coercing Chamorro to depart at once as first step toward settlement. Cuadra Pasos17 arrives tomorrow when I expect important conferences.

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  2. Nicaraguan Senator, ex-President of Nicaragua. See Foreign Relations, 1912, pp. 1016, 1063 ff.
  3. Representative of General Chamorro.