Memorandum by the Assistant Secretary of State (Harrison) of a Conversation With the Netherlands Minister (De Graeff)

The Minister stated that he presumed I knew the purpose of his call, e. g., the final allocation to Holland of the Menado–Yap cable. The Minister said that he had spoken with the Italian Ambassador, and that he had learned from him that the Italian Government had given an answer which was more or less favorable.

I replied to the Minister that the statement of the Italian Ambassador was just about the case. That I was glad to say that in response to our inquiries, in which we had informed the various governments that we were prepared to proceed to the signature of the Hughes-Shidehara agreement, replies had been made, all of [Page 779] which were favorable in principle. There remained, however, certain questions which had to be decided, particularly as to the form which the decision should take. It was uncertain just what the procedure would be in view of the replies that had been made to us. However, the matter was being carefully studied and he could rest assured that we had their interest fully in mind, and also the interest which has been expressed to us by the German Government, and that I would do everything possible to hasten a final favorable action. The Minister expressed his thanks.

L[eland] H[arrison]