The Ambassador in Spain (Hammond) to the Secretary of State

No. 157

Sir: I have the honor to refer the Department to my telegram No. 73 of September 9, 12 noon,16 and to transmit herewith a copy, in original and in translation, of a note, No. 163 dated September 7, 1926, received from the Spanish Secretary of State relative to the invitation of the Spanish Government to the governments signatory to the Act of Algeciras to participate in a conference for the determination of the future status of Tangier.

I have [etc.]

Ogden H. Hammond
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The Spanish Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (Yanguas) to the American Ambassador (Hammond)

No. 163

Excellency: With reference to Your Excellency’s note of September 1, 1926,17 I have the honor to express the profound gratitude of the Government of His Catholic Majesty for the especial evidence of the high esteem and appreciation given to Spain by the Government of the United States with respect to the initiative of this Government looking to the holding of a conference in which the Tangier question should be examined.

Coincidentally with the favorable reply of the United States and of other invited nations, the Spanish Government received the reply of the governments of Great Britain and France, in which the opinion was expressed that the method to be followed in an examination of the Tangier question should be preferably the one indicated by the two governments in proposing to that of Spain the assembling of a tripartite conference of the States signatory to the Statute.

The Government of His Catholic Majesty considers, as does that of the United States, that the Conference, the holding of which it had suggested to the latter at the same time as to the other governments signatory to the Act of Algeciras who retain interest in Tangier, would not be useful without the assistance of the principal Powers interested in Morocco.

In view of the opinion expressed by the Governments of Great Britain and France, the Spanish Government believes that its original idea may find opportunity for realization when the preliminary conversations to which it is now invited by the other two Powers signatory to the Statute of 1923, shall have prepared the way for a broader sphere of understanding, in which Spain considers, and will so state adequately at the proper time, that the cooperation of the United States should not be lacking.

I avail myself [etc.]

José de Yanguas
  1. Not printed.
  2. Not printed; for substance, see telegram No. 44 to the Ambassador in Spain, Aug. 31, 1926, 6 p.m.