The Ambassador in Mexico (Sheffield) to the Secretary of State

No. 2317

Sir: Confirming my telegram No. 250 of today’s date, five P.M.,92 I have the honor herewith to enclose copy with translation of a note from the Mexican Minister of Foreign Affairs under today’s date in reply to my note of April 23, last, in pursuance of the Department’s telegraphic instruction No. 148 of April 22, wherein I was directed to secure from the Mexican Government confirmation of the statement of the Mexican Commissioner on the Boundary Commission regarding the decision of pending banco cases and with a view to commencing work on the defense plan and rectification in the Rio Grande.

I have [etc.]

James R. Sheffield

The Mexican Minister for Foreign Affairs (Sáenz) to the American Ambassador (Sheffield)

No. 6416

Mr. Ambassador: I refer to Your Excellency’s courteous note No. 1196 of April 23, last, in which, with regard to the proposed cut-offs in the Rio Grande, of which my notes Nos. 11089 and 14763 of August 18 and November 13, 1925,94 respectively, treat, and in view of the recent letter from the Mexican Boundary Commissioner to the American Commissioner to discuss banco cases pending settlement, Your Excellency is good enough to request by instruction of your Government confirmation of the statement of Engineer Gustavo P. Serrano.

In reply, I beg leave to inform Your Excellency that the Mexican Commissioner proceeded in this case interpreting the instructions of this Department in the sense of submitting to the American Commissioner the expediency of bringing to settlement, in accordance with the convention of 1905 in force,95 the pending banco cases, believing thus to remove one of the principal obstacles which have hitherto prevented the commencement of the construction of the general works of rectification and defense of the channel of the Rio Grande.

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Having thus attended to the request which Your Excellency was pleased to make in the note I am now answering, I take the liberty of adding to this subject, which affects such important interests, that the Mexican Government, disregarding for the moment other questions which are related thereto, or which it has been sought to relate thereto, would look with favor upon the possibility of taking up as a whole the works of rectification of the channel of the Rio Grande, subordinating their execution only to the previous determination of the sovereignty over the lands which will be segregated by the cut-offs on the basis, in general terms, of superficial compensation, in accordance with the spirit of the project proposed by the Engineer Commissioners of both countries.

I renew [etc.]

Aarón Sáenz
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