The Secretary of State to the Chargé in Mexico (Schoenfeld)

No. 1035

Sir: The Department has received your despatch No. 2773 of September 3, 1926,73 and your telegram No. 402 of September 17, 11 A.M.,74 from which it appears that the President of Mexico signed a decree August 24 regulating the issuance of provisional permits for the drilling of petroleum wells, which became effective by official publication on September 14. It appears that this order is identical with the order of June 8, 1926, except that the amount of the bond is fixed in the new order at 100,000 pesos instead of being unlimited, and that the new order has been signed by the President instead of the Secretary of Industry, Commerce and Labor.

Referring to the correspondence which you have conducted with the Mexican Foreign Office regarding the Acuerdo of June 8, pursuant to the telegraphic instruction of June 21, 5 P.M., the Department desires you to press for a detailed reply giving the information asked for in that telegram. In this relation your attention is recalled to the fact that a preliminary reply of the Mexican Foreign Office was quoted in your No. 317 of July 19.

The Department also desires to be advised as to the attitude which the American oil companies have taken with respect to the new order.

I am [etc.]

For the Secretary of State:
Joseph C. Grew
  1. Not printed; see despatch No. 2830, Sept. 15, from the Chargé in Mexico, p. 683.
  2. Not printed.