812.6363/1918: Telegram

The Ambassador in Mexico (Sheffield) to the Secretary of State


329. Embassy’s despatch No. 2474, July l.68 I have been informed by representatives of two of the leading British oil companies that they are presenting a modified memorandum to the Mexican Department of Industry regarding the drilling permit order of June 8. They have been given to understand that the memorandum will be accepted and if so the order of June 8 will be virtually nullified. They believe that this changed attitude is due to the firm position assumed in our notes of June 22 and July 21.69

Despatch will go forward in today’s pouch.

  1. Not printed; it transmitted the translation of a memorandum left with the Secretary of Industry, Commerce, and Labor by the Oil Producers’ Association on June 24, 1926.
  2. Neither printed; for instructions upon which they were based, see telegrams No. 212, June 21, and No. 241, July 20, to the Ambassador in Mexico, pp. 679 and 680.