883.927/100: Telegram

The Minister in Egypt (Howell) to the Secretary of State


6. Department’s instruction No. 249, February 2. I took up with my British and French colleagues proposed note to the Egyptian Foreign Office, but up to the present time neither has committed himself to the proposal. Nevertheless, I believe it reasonably possible now for me independently to get clarifying statement of article 10 written into the contract, which Winlock says will be satisfactory to Metropolitan Museum, to be signed by Egyptian Minister of Public Works. This procedure will obviate the necessity of placing the matter formally before the Cabinet, but it is believed it will be none the less binding. Will send complete report setting forth views of Breasted, Reisner,17 and Winlock as well as those of myself.

  1. George A. Reisner, chief representative in Europe of the Harvard-Boston expedition.