882.6176 F 51/147: Telegram

Mr. Harvey S. Firestone to the Chief of the Division of Western European Affairs (Castle)

Letter enclosing copy from De la Rue received.26 Appreciate your sending it to me very much. De la Rue is at least partially right but hope he has not taken this same attitude with Liberian officials, advising them what he could get Firestone to do and what they would not do, endeavoring to take the place of what he thinks lack of proper representation by Firestone in Liberia. This may be partially responsible for attitude of Liberian Government. Wrote you fully yesterday.27 Have instructed Mr. Martin28 meet Clark,29 New York, tomorrow, then telephone you. Have given instructions to hold two doctors and three office staff who are now in England, letting only one assistant auditor go forward. Also instructed to have $37,000 worth harbor equipment and $11,000 worth Firestone equipment due to arrival [arrive] Monrovia 26th remain intact and return[ed]. I note tenor of your cables. I am not in humor to negotiate as we did before. They must accept agreements without single change if we go into Liberia, and that they probably will not do; therefore, our only alternative is to withdraw with exception of agreement number 1, Mount Barclay, with as little embarrassment and expense as possible.

H. S. Firestone
  1. Not found in Department files.
  2. Not printed.
  3. A Firestone representative.
  4. Reed Paige Clark, General Receiver of Customs and Financial Adviser to Liberia, 1911–1916, appointed Second Secretary of Legation at Monrovia, Feb. 4, 1926.