The Chief of the Division of Western European Affairs ( Castle ) to Mr. Harvey S. Firestone

My Dear Mr. Firestone: I have received your telegram of February 15.24

It appears that some days ago De la Rue informed the American Legation that he had been instructed by President King to draft modifications of the Loan Agreement for presentation to the Liberian Legislature but he has not communicated direct with the Department since the present situation developed. As the questions involved appear to be primarily of a business character, in the negotiation of which the Department naturally cannot intervene, and which appear to call for direct agreement between the interested parties, the Department has not felt that it could properly make any suggestions to De la Rue in the matter.

Recent advices from the American Legation in Monrovia indicate that the Liberian Legislature has reconsidered the Loan Agreement and after passing it with certain modifications, has adjourned. The Department’s advices are not clear as to the nature and extent of these reported modifications but the Department assumes that you and the bankers have received more exact information direct from your representatives in Monrovia and De la Rue.

Needless to say, the Department is greatly disappointed by the turn which affairs have taken and hopes that some satisfactory arrangement can eventually be evolved.

Sincerely yours,

Wm. R. Castle, Jr.
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