882.51/1859: Telegram

The Chargé in Liberia (Wharton) to the Secretary of State

8. Department’s 5. Legislature to adjourn February 10th. Feel no insincerity on the part of Liberian Government but a slight apprehension and especially keen desire to watch and guard its best interests as it is seen. Government planned sending De la Rue16 with complete text and advisable Liberian representative. Changes affecting money matters such as salaries, quarters, and the like may be adjusted likewise both supervision “and direction” in article 7 but no “contributing” [control?]. Those considered by Government as matters of principle such as contributing [control?], assigning of revenues, etc., position believed to be final and extreme difficulty will be met. Though my January 31, 10 p.m., worded carefully feel a better conclusion and judgment can be reached by financial interests after seeing complete text. Request what particular changes received are considered radical for it is possible some stressed by Liberian Government may be insignificant to corporation and vice versa.

  1. Sidney de la Rue, General Receiver of Customs and Financial Adviser of the Republic of Liberia.