611.60 p 31/5: Telegram

The Minister in Latvia (Coleman) to the Secretary of State


122. Department’s telegram No. 35, dated July 29, 4 p.m. Foreign Minister agrees to Department’s draft with the exception mentioned below. He states that since Latvia has refused to concede most-favored-nation treatment to other countries by means of an exchange of notes, he prefers, as a matter of form, that the proposed arrangement be communicated by a provisional agreement bearing our two signatures. Accordingly, I request that the Department instruct me regarding this desired change of formula and draft of preamble. Foreign Minister wishes to be informed of the reason why Russia was omitted from special regional treatment reserved for Lithuania and Esthonia. See Legation’s despatch No. 1803, dated February 18, enclosure No. 2, page 3, additional article to column 4.5

I have learned that Great Britain has accepted principle of special status for Russia in its trade agreements with Latvia but that Czechoslovakia, France, and Poland refuse to negotiate treaties on this basis. It is reported that the Latvian Finance Minister insists upon such treatment but the Foreign Minister feels that if the United States joins objections, Latvia will be compelled to conform to their view.

  1. Not printed. The reference is to alterations proposed by Latvia on Feb. 15, 1924, in the text of the draft treaty of friendship, commerce and consular rights which had been submitted to Latvia pursuant to instruction No. 62, Aug. 21, 1923 (not printed).