The Acting Secretary of State to the Chargé in Haiti (Merrell)

No. 692

Sir: Reference is made to General Russell’s telegram, No. 48, of May 7, 10 A.M., in regard to the proposed commercial modus vivendi.

The Department is glad to make the requested exception of the Dominican Republic. This may be done by adding to the text as contained on page 2 of the Department’s instruction, No. 649 of August 10, 1925, following paragraph No. (2), a new paragraph as follows:

“(3) The treatment which Haiti accords or may hereafter accord to the commerce of the Dominican Republic.”

The Department desires that the exchange of notes take place as soon as possible, but that it become effective on October 1, 1926, instead of six months after date. Accordingly, you should substitute for the first part of the antepenultimate paragraph of the text the following language:

“The present arrangement shall become operative on October 1, 1926, and, etc.”

Please telegraph the date of the exchange of notes, and mail promptly to the Department the texts in order that they may be published in the Treaty Series.

I am [etc.]

Joseph C. Grew