441.11 St 23/2a: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Great Britain ( Kellogg )


124. From information in its possession Department is led to believe that Great Britain is negotiating with Rumania for the cancelation of Rumania’s war debt to Great Britain provided Rumania indemnifies British companies for their petroleum properties destroyed in 1916. The Department does not know but it fears that Great Britain may endeavor to place the entire burden on Rumania [Page 309] for the losses sustained by the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey by reason of the destruction of the plants, wells, etc., of the Romano-Americana, its subsidiary in Rumania, late in the year 1916.

Inform the Foreign Office at your early convenience that the United States feels itself obliged to interpose in behalf of the Romano-Americana for the losses which it sustained, for which, it is believed, Great Britain is responsible; that the United States desires to have the opportunity for a conference with a view to negotiating a basis of equitable adjustment, the said conference to be between an official designated by the Foreign Office and one representing the American Embassy to be accompanied by a representative of the claimant. The Department believes that the claim can be adjusted by direct negotiations, and that every effort should be made in the first instance to reach an amicable settlement by that method.

Kindly endeavor to have Foreign Office name an official to negotiate as stated above, and telegraph disposition of Foreign Office in this regard. You can expect extended statement by pouch regarding basis of claim.