441.11 W 892/63

The British Ambassador ( Howard ) to the Secretary of State

My Dear Mr. Secretary: I did not fail to communicate by telegraph to my Government the views which you were so good as to express in your letter of July 12th, regarding the visit to London of officials of the United States Navy Department to discuss claims between the Navy Department and the interested Departments of His Majesty’s Government.

I have pleasure in informing you that I learn from His Majesty’s Government that they will be happy to give their careful consideration to the plan for a joint conference, mentioned in your letter, as soon as it is communicated to them through the United States Naval Attaché in London.

With reference to the last paragraph of your letter, I beg to state that I have now received definite authorization from my Government for Mr. Broderick to proceed to London in connection with Mr. Phenix’ visit, and Mr. Broderick will meet Mr. Phenix in London on September 1st.

Believe me [etc.]

Esme Howard