441.11 W 892/53: Telegram

The Ambassador in Great Britain (Houghton) to the Secretary of State


131. This morning Chamberlain sent for me and after some discussion stated that he had decided to withdraw his objection to Phenix’s visit and had just cabled Howard that Phenix might come in September if the naval delegation could accompany him. Chamberlain added that he would not object if Phenix came without the naval delegation or if he preferred coming in August, although he believed September preferable. As you know August is the worst possible month for Phenix’s visit, owing to vacations. Chamberlain incidentally remarked that before he went to Geneva he instructed Tyrrell20 to withdraw all objection to Phenix’s visit if, after Howard’s interview and receipt of my telegram, you still thought it desirable.

  1. Sir William G. Tyrrell, British Permanent Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.