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The British Embassy to the Department of State


On the 27th October last, Captain McNamee, United States Naval Attaché in London addressed a letter, copy of which is attached, to Sir Oswyn Murray of His Majesty’s Admiralty,8 stating that he had been directed to inform the latter that, after full consideration, the Naval Department of the United States Government had reached the conclusion that satisfactory settlement of all claims and demands in law and equity arising out of the operation of naval forces of the United States and Great Britain during the period from April 6th, 1917, to March 3rd, 1921, remaining unsettled may be effected by correspondence. His Majesty’s Ambassador at Washington is now [Page 219] authorized to inform the Secretary of State that His Majesty’s Government agree to this proposal and, further, consider that it would be advisable, in the interest of all concerned, that the same procedure, i. e. direct negotiation between the competent British and American departments concerned, should be adopted forthwith for the settlement of all intergovernmental claims arising out of the war.

His Majesty’s Government believe that the United States Government will approve of the uniform adoption of this procedure by all the departments concerned, but would be glad to receive from the Secretary of State a formal assurance to that effect in order that the long outstanding intergovernmental claims may be disposed of at an early date.

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