862.51 D 481/3

Lee, Higginson & Company to the Assistant Secretary of State (Harrison)

Sir: On November 5th, 1925, we informed the Department of State42 that we had been asked to make a loan to the Potash Syndicate of Germany, and forwarded to you at that time such data as we had at hand. At later dates, we furnished you with additional information concerning this business.

We wish to acknowledge receipt of your letter of November 30th, 1925, asking for further information.

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As the Potash Syndicate has felt that it is inadvisable to delay longer the matter of the loan and as we are advised that European bankers have determined to proceed forthwith, we wish to withdraw our request for Departmental comment.

Respectfully yours,

Lee, Higginson & Co.
  1. Letter not printed.