890d.00/227: Telegram

The Consul at Beirut (Knabenshue) to the Secretary of State

Keeley reports State of Syria has guaranteed payment of fine (but the populace of Damascus oppose it) and the French have agreed at least to postpone bombardment pending more definite settlement.

Train service being reestablished, hundreds of refugees including Moslems, Christians, Americans and other foreigners are pouring into Beirut and more are expected. This is arousing resentment against situation and undermining general tranquility at Beirut.

Brigandage, assuming proportions guerrilla warfare, is increasing and spreading throughout Syria and uprisings similar to those at Hama and Damascus are potentially possible in this and other places.

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In view of the report contained in my Oct. 23, 11 p.m.,6 I respectfully repeat last sentence my Oct. 23, 11 a.m.

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