890d.48/15: Telegram

The Consul at Beirut ( Knabenshue ) to the Secretary of State

Department’s October 20, 4 p.m. Destroyers not needed or desired at Beirut at present moment but should await at Alexandria pending developments and my further advice.

No relief funds required for American citizens.

Christian residents Djebel Druse now refugees at Damascus, Esra and Deraa as a result Druse rebellion number approximately 8,000 and require immediate relief in nature of food and clothing. I recommend Red Cross send $15,000 to American Emergency Relief Committee, address in care of consulate with instructions to distribute relief direct to refugees and not through local or other organizations. French authorities gratefully approve and will render all assistance possible. Conditions resulting from recent developments might cause some difficulty in actual distribution.

Armenian refugee camp at Damascus containing 6,000 Armenians reported to have been attacked and destroyed and many such refugees now arriving in Lebanon destitute. This situation will be investigated and a report thereof will follow.