611.60 d 31/48

The Finnish Minister (Åström) to the Secretary of State

Sir: I have the honor to make the following statement of my understanding of the agreement reached through recent conversations held at Washington on behalf of the Government of Finland and the Government of the United States with reference to the treatment respecting tonnage dues and other charges which Finland shall accord to vessels of the United States and their cargoes in the ports of Finland, and which the United States shall accord to vessels of Finland and their cargoes in the ports of the United States.

These conversations have disclosed a mutual understanding between the two Governments, as follows:

On and after February 1, 1926, Finland will impose no tonnage duties, light, harbor or port dues, or other charges on vessels of the United States in the ports of Finland which are not imposed on vessels of Finland, and Finland will levy no higher or other duties or charges on goods imported into its ports in vessels of the United States than are levied on like goods imported in vessels of Finland.

It is understood that, without altering the above stipulations insofar as the amount of pilotage dues is concerned, the duty of employing pilots by vessels of the United States shall be governed by the stipulations of the Finnish law in this respect about foreign vessels in general. It is also understood that the United States of America shall not, on the ground of the above stipulations, claim any privileges which Finland has conceded or will concede to Russian fishing or sealing vessels in the Arctic waters.

The United States will impose no discriminating duties of tonnage on vessels of Finland in the ports of the United States and no discriminating imposts on the goods imported into the United States in vessels of Finland. This undertaking on the part of the United States will be effected by a proclamation to be issued by the President of the United States on the receipt of notification by him from the Government of Finland that the undertaking on the part of Finland stated in the preceding paragraphs has been brought into force.

The present arrangement, unless sooner terminated by mutual agreement, shall continue in force until thirty days after notice of its termination shall have been given by either party; or, should either party be prevented by future action of its Legislature from [Page 104] carrying out the terms of this arrangement the obligations thereof shall thereupon lapse.

I shall be glad to have your confirmation of the accord thus reached.

Accept [etc.]

L. Åström