611.60 d 31/52

Memorandum by Mr. Wallace M. McClure, of the Office of the Economic Adviser

The present draft, which is intended to be complete and ready for signature,12 differs in no essential respect from the draft approved by the Department and handed to the Finnish Minister on May 2, 1925.

The Finnish Minister requested that the language of the note specifically set forth the fact that it does not apply to the Finnish requirements for the employment of pilots on vessels making use of its harbors; and also that it does not apply to the treatment accorded by Finland to Russian fishing vessels in Arctic waters.

Very probably the notes would not be interpreted as applying to either of these matters even in the absence of language especially excepting them. They appear to be of no interest to the United States and, accordingly, it would seem wise to accept them at the request of the Finnish Minister.

The matter of the employment of pilots is distinct from that of pilotage dues when pilots are employed. Where employment is required equality of dues to American vessels will be accorded. Exemption from the employment of pilots is, according to the statement of the Minister, confined to small vessels flying the flag of Finland or the flags of neighboring Baltic countries.

W[allace] Mc[Clure]
  1. No draft attached to this memorandum; the draft referred to is apparently the one signed by the Secretary of State Dec. 21, 1925, infra.