“Procès-Verbal” for the Transfer of American Embassy and Consular Property in Turkey From the Swedish Legation to the American High Commission8

Whereas the Swedish Legation during certain periods has had in custody the archives, journals, books, registers and inventories of various kinds of the American Embassy and Consulate General, and has signed cheques and made payments to various functionaries at the Embassy and Consulate General and has transacted money matters for the account of the American Government, its Representatives and nationals.

Now and Therefore, all the said archives, journals, books, registers and inventories which during the tenor [tenure] of office of Mr. Wallenberg and his predecessor, Mr. Anckersvard, were always kept by an American official engaged to assist the Swedish Legation, having been delivered over to the American High Commission at Constantinople, [Page 730] and all money matters transacted for American account having been found to be in perfect order, Admiral Bristol declares on behalf of his Government and for himself that he has found everything in perfect order and he hereby gives full discharge to the respective functionaries of the Swedish Legation for all and every transaction made by them in connection with their charge of American interests:—

Signed and delivered in two copies whereof each of the parties have kept one.—

Mark L. Bristol

G. O. Wallenberg
  1. Copy transmitted by U. S. High Commissioner Mark L. Bristol under covering letter of July 17, 1925; received August 18.