811.111 Firms—Sovkino: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Consul General at Paris ( Skinner )

Simpson, Thatcher and Bartlett, which the Department understands is a reputable firm of attorneys in New York, represents certain Soviet commercial organizations in the United States such as AU-Russian Textile Syndicate, Amtorg Trading Corporation, et cetera. The firm has requested the Department to authorize visas for certain Russian nationals who desire to visit the United States temporarily for business.

In conformity with existing general requirements, that visa applications be considered in the first instance by the appropriate Consul, the firm has been advised to furnish the appropriate Consul with pertinent information respecting the aliens and the object of their visit, and you are authorized to issue visas to such aliens as, under your general instructions, may properly receive them. You should request advice in doubtful cases.

Department does not desire, in general, to interpose objection to visits of Russian nationals even if associated with Soviet regime provided the bona fide purpose of their visit involves solely trade or commerce between the United States and Russia. Repeat to Riga, Berlin and London.