The British Ambassador (Howard) to the Secretary of State10

No. 833

Sir: Under the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk certain Russian gold was ceded to Germany and this gold was, under Article 15 of the Armistice and Article 259 (6) of the Treaty of Versailles,11 transferred by Germany to the Allied and Associated Governments.

[Page 702]

His Majesty’s Government and the French Government having now completed the disposal of this Russian gold I have the honour, under instructions from His Majesty’s Principal Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, and in concert with my French Colleague, to communicate to you, as a matter of courtesy, the following notification regarding this matter:—

“The equivalent of sixty-two million dollars was paid over to French and British Governments in equal moieties and applied to the reduction of the Russian debt to those countries.”

The above has also been communicated to the Italian and Japanese Governments as parties to the Treaty of Versailles.

I have [etc.]

(For the Ambassador)
Herbert W. Brooks
  1. A similar note of the same date was received from the French Chargé.
  2. Malloy, Treaties, 1910–1923, vol. iii, pp. 3307, 3310, and pp. 3329, 3443.