861b.6363/112: Telegram

The Minister in Latvia (Coleman) to the Secretary of State


18. Izvestia 24th. Supreme Soviet People’s Economy applied to Moscow Province Court for the cancellation of the Sakhalin concession contract with the Sinclair Prospecting [Exploration] Company on the ground that it failed to begin prospecting within the stipulated time and to expend stipulated amounts for technical preparations in connection with such work. Hearing March 11th.2

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  1. The Minister in Latvia reported in despatch No. 2762, Apr. 11, 1925, that the Moscow Province Court had annulled the Sinclair contract on March 24. The Minister reported in despatch No. 2947, June 12, 1925, that the Soviet Supreme Court had rejected an appeal by the Sinclair Exploration Co. against the decision of the lower court. (File Nos. 861b.6363/129, 134.)