891.01/27: Telegram

The Chargé in Persia (Amory) to the Secretary of State

81. Department’s 53 and 55. In conversation with Foreign Minister this morning, I referred to his note of October 31.5 (1) In answer to my inquiry he said Provisional Government “of course would observe treaty provisions between former regime and American Government”; (2) then I told him I had been authorized to transact business with the Provisional Government; and (3) Department entertains most friendly sentiments for Persia at the present time.

[Paraphrase.] The Foreign Minister made it clear, however, that Reza Khan counts on receiving from us a communication in writing [Page 680] which will use the words “provisional recognition”. The Foreign Minister declared that he is willing to maintain unofficial relations, but that he cannot consent to official relations until receipt of note like that from Great Britain, which I reported in Legation’s 80, November 3, midnight. Since German and Russian Ministers are this afternoon addressing similar communications to Reza Khan and representatives of other powers will probably do the same immediately, and since such declaration would not bind the United States Government in its attitude toward subsequent government, I suggest instructions from Department to address written note in language desired by Persian Government. [End paraphrase.]

Zoka ol Molk has been appointed Acting Prime Minister, retaining Finance portfolio.

  1. Not printed; see footnote 2b, p. 677.