891.01/26: Telegram

The Chargé in Persia (Amory) to the Secretary of State

80. British Minister has been authorized to accord

“A provisional recognition to the regime inaugurated by the recent decision of the Persian National Assembly pending the final decision to be taken by the Constituent Assembly on the understanding this regime agrees to recognize the treaties, etc., at present in force between Great Britain and Persia and to execute the obligations arising therefrom and he is authorized to enter into business relations with the Provisional Government.”

He delivered a communication in this sense today to “His Imperial Highness the Chief of State.”

[Paraphrase.] It will, of course, be readily understood by the Department that a good impression would be produced here by an [Page 679] immediate expression of friendliness, especially since Reza Khan has repeatedly shown a wish to attract American interests to Persia, since also such recognition would be personally gratifying to him, and since Millspaugh’s4 position would be effected. Millspaugh has confidence in stability of new regime and hopes Department will accord recognition. [End paraphrase.]

  1. Dr. Arthur C. Millspaugh, American Director General of Finances for Persia.