334.334 R 33/21

The Minister in Paraguay ( Kreeck ) to the Secretary of State

No. 58

Sir: I have the honor to report that the Paraguayan jewels have been delivered to the Paraguayan Government, receipt for the same being attached hereto. It is my opinion that this much negotiated incident is now a closed bit of history, for the Paraguayan Government as well as for ourselves, because, it is almost certain that no one can present a Washburn receipt or document substantiating their rightful claim.

The jewels were received from Montevideo as reported in my former despatch, No. 44 of February 18, 1926.10 Upon their arrival they were placed in the depository of the Legation under lock, and the premises were guarded by Police placed here by the Government.

Before the departure of Mr. Hofer, Secretary of Legation at Montevideo, and the individual who had been present at the opening of the box upon a former occasion, making an inventory thereof, the box was again opened in the presence of the duly authorized and qualified agents of the Paraguayan Government, who prepared an inventory in [Page 675] their own language (copy and translation of which are attached)11 and which corresponded exactly with the inventory made at Montevideo. The box was sealed in the presence of the Paraguayan officials, bearing this time the seals of Paraguay and the United States, and placed in the depository awaiting the date of its acceptance by the Paraguayan Government.

As reported in my former communication, the Minister of Foreign Affairs requested that the same be retained by the Legation until after his return to Asunción. This was done and upon his return and at the request of the Paraguayan Foreign Office the box was then again opened at the Legation in order that an appraisement might be made while under the Legation charge, to withstand or forestall any criticism or insinuation that the items were otherwise than as reported in the inventories or that substitutions thereto had been made by the Paraguayans after delivery by this Legation. This request was granted and the official governmental appraisers called, and, in the presence of the Minister and Sub-Secretary of Foreign Affairs and the official notary of the Paraguayan Government, the appraisement was made (copy and translation of which are also attached).11 The box was again closed and sealed as before mentioned and placed in the depository awaiting delivery to the Government. This came about within two days following, the acceptance taking place today by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the receipts signed which are attached to this communication.11

It is the intention of the Paraguayan authorities to place the jewels within the Oficina de Cambio for the present and perhaps later, if receipts cannot be presented for the articles, to remain a part of the Museum as the memorials of the War.

Thus closes the chapter of the long negotiations.

I have [etc.]

Geo. L. Kreeck
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