334.334 R 33/6

The Chargé in Paraguay (Southworth) to the Secretary of State

No. 1523

Sir: The Department’s instruction No. 290 of April 9, 1925, concerning the so-called Paraguayan jewels has been received and, in accordance therewith, the papers in this case have been gone over. I am of the opinion expressed in the instruction in reference that, due to the impossibility at this late date of a discovery by the Legation of the owners of all the articles, or of their heirs, the best and most equitable procedure will be to hand this box to the Government of Paraguay for such disposition thereof as it may wish to make.

In accordance therefore with the Department’s authorization I have taken this matter up with Mr. Bordenave, Minister of Foreign [Page 671] Affairs, pointing out the changed situation since the refusal of his predecessor, in 1895, to accept this box. I have secured from him his verbal consent to receive the box and relieve the United States Government of all responsibility in connection therewith. The box, I suggested, could be turned over to a representative of the Paraguayan Government in Montevideo. Mr. Bordenave has agreed also to this point.

I asked that the above arrangement be confirmed by an exchange of notes, of which copies will be duly furnished the Department.

I have [etc.]

William B. Southworth