The Norwegian Minister ( Bryn ) to the Secretary of State

Sir: In the note which Your Excellency’s predecessor was good enough to address me on January 23, 1925, it was stated that the appropriate authorities of the Government of the United States had held that the provisions of the Norwegian laws of August 11, 1924, satisfy the equivalent exemption provision of Section 213 (b) (8) of the Revenue Act of 1924, and that, therefore, the income of a non-resident alien or foreign corporation, which consists exclusively of earnings derived from the operation of a ship or ships documented under the laws of Norway, is exempt from Federal income taxes imposed by the Revenue Act of 1924.

In reply to Mr. Hughes’ note I have been authorized by my Government to confirm to Your Excellency the existence of reciprocity under the above mentioned Norwegian and American laws and that, therefore, persons, companies and corporations belonging in the United States of America are exempt in Norway from taxes on property in and income from a ship, or ships, documented under the laws of the United States, engaged in traffic on a Norwegian port or between Norwegian ports, and from taxes on income arising from the sale of tickets for the transportation of persons out of the Kingdom of Norway.

Accept [etc.]

H. Bryn