817.00/3361: Telegram

The Minister in Nicaragua ( Eberhardt ) to the Secretary of State

184. Certain prominent local lawyers dissenting regarding its legality, several are nevertheless recommending that a constituent assembly be called for the ostensible purpose of revising the Constitution but actually to effect an entire change of government.

In this, just as in the recently proposed nullification of the last elections, the firm opposition of this Legation has thus far prevailed.

… Chamorro continues to profess unwillingness to set up a government which might fail recognition of the United States. Furthermore he repeatedly asks me to recommend a solution of the local problems which might prove satisfactory to the Department. My reply has just as persistently been that no government founded on violence could [receive?] recognition by the United States and to receive such recognition the Nicaraguans themselves, keeping within the Constitution, must apply their own remedies to their own political problems.

Claiming to have acted legally Congress has this week disqualified eleven Liberal and Conservative Republican members who they claim were forcibly and therefore illegally seated last year and they threaten to remove three Liberal members from the Supreme Court. Charges against Sacasa of conspiracy have been telegraphed to him through the Legation and he has been given 25 days within which to return and answer such charges failing which it seems to be their intention to declare the Vice Presidency vacant, secure Solorzano’s resignation, and proceed to elect successors constitutionally.